Seventh Chords – the musical dramatic Facebook status

What I mean by my title is that seventh chords create dramatic tension in all kinds of pop – while they create the bluesy vibes in Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason,” they also promulgate thematic suspense in the music of Lady Gaga.

Having been educated as a classical pianist for years, it’s no wonder that the Lady in Gaga would implement seventh chords in her songs. “Bad Romance” uses a seventh shape on the scaler III chord of the key signature while she sings “You and me could have a bad romance.”


Here is a guide on how to build seventh chords just like Lady Gaga. (Courtesy of


And here is a guide on how to look fabulous like Lady Gaga while croaking out some soulful tunes.

There are certain artists whose names rhyme with Taylor Thrift who typically don’t complicate their arrangements with seventh chords. While I respect these artists for staying true to their genre and what they know, I really dig how certain artists use these chords to create genuine tonal variety in their songs.


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