The Devil Inside

By Tyler M. Bryant

I have felt guilty for most of my college tenure for not making more of a concerted effort (no pun intended) to get into music academically here at UNC. I mean, I have taken Intro to Rock and History of Popular American Music, but nothing that actually involves playing music… Untll now.

My old Intermediate Fiction professor, Bland Simpson, teaches my ENGL 490 Songwriting class. In the course, we are paired into two-person groups of composers (me) and lyricists. It took me all I could withstand to resist sarcastically composing a thrash metal showtunes balled.

Metallicurah: The Musical (

The diddy I posted at the beginning is what I put together with my talented songwriting partner/lyricist Abigail Coryell. Hopefully, it evokes a sense rebellion against inner demons (so to speak).

Not to mention that nobody has to get on any hickory stumps in our satanic rendition. (

Although I really dug the bluesy vibe we implemented here, I would like to experiment with something a little more hip-hoppy. I guess I’m just limited by technology. Here is a song I made to demonstrate what I mean.


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