Breaking 2nd Wind

By Tyler Bryant

This past Sunday, I brought my girlfriend and my roommates to watch me play yet another open mic at The Second Wind bar in Carrboro. For a venue with a clean, well-kept interior, it was probably one of the more bizarre experiences I’ve ever had.

And this is coming from somebody who watched the 2014 VMAs (
And this is coming from somebody who watched the 2014 VMAs (

I was greeted at the bar by a man with a fuzzy Afro-ponytail hybrid and a hoop nose ring. At first, I thought I recognized him from my Dungeons and Dragons guild.

Eugene? (
Eugene? (

Despite his somewhat intimidating appearance, he was quick to greet me with a smile. He served me a scrumptious chocolate stout.

Meanwhile, the only television screen in the whole establishment was looping what I could only describe as the single most racist cartoons I’ve ever seen. These Disney-made images featured African American men with caricature-esque huge lips, Asian men with stereotypical eyes eating rice, and what appeared to be a gathering of Hitlers youth wearing swastika arm bands. The tv was muted. This type of music played before the open mic got underway.

My lovely girlfriend Caroline confided her reluctance to attend to me as she wondered what kind of horror movie we were about to be slaughtered in. I was able to convince the group to stay under the premise that we would get food from a nearby taco truck whenever I finished playing. I was sure they would want to stay longer though.

The first act was a slow man whose entire set consisted of a man tuning his guitar for five minutes. Then, came a dude in his mid to late twenties who put his guitar on an open tuning and just played the same riff on every string. We watched a few other acts go, but none of them played anything that seemed to be a coherent song. In fact, one dude just went up and started singing random, non-rhyming sentences without any musical accompaniment of any sort.

Needless to say, the taco truck was delicious.


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