Wicked Games; The story of how one cool video on the interweb led me to find another; a.k.a. the longest post title I’ve put on this blog

By Tyler M. Bryant

Before you read any further, behold the above video which contains a music-group performing what could only be the sounds of angels making sweet love on a bed stuffed with Faberge eggs.

I'll take me Faberge Omelettes sans divorce lawsuits please (funny-pictures.picphotos.net)
I’ll take my Faberge Omelettes sans divorce lawsuits please (funny-pictures.picphotos.net)

This video has long been a favorite of mine since initially watching it live on America’s Got Talent. Not only was this the single most talented musical group I’ve ever seen on the show, but it is one of the most ephemerally pleasant-sounding ensembles I have heard in years.

I've even seen this (psp-themes.net)
I’ve even seen this (psp-themes.net)

However, nothing could have plausibly prepared me for the awesomeness that showed up in my Youtube sidebar while checking out the vid earlier today.

WARNING: Explicit Language and awesomeness

This group, the Weeknd, is an ensemble that I am unfortunately unfamiliar with. However, a quick Wikipedia search showed me that it is the eponymous stage name for Canadian singer-songwriter Abel Tesfaye. This is the second-best performer I’ve seen out of Canada in years!

I'm just going to place this here...(celebritiescoffee.com)
I’m just going to place this here…(celebritiescoffee.com)

The fact that this dude has risen to a level of international renown through posting original music on YouTube is nothing short of phenomenal.

I'm just going to place this here...(celebritiescoffee.com)who keeps putting this here?

But seriously, I would describe The Weeknd’s music as a modern, emotional blend between City and Colour (pick a vid of your choosing) and Michael Jackson. Kind of like this:

Thank you, interweb.


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