Beatles Covers

By Tyler M. Bryant

So a couple of weeks ago, a fellow got in touch with me to ask if I was available to play a gig in February. Thinking that this was possibly the most vague scheduling question I had ever received about a show inquiry, I said “sure.”

Little did I know that the event was not only going to be on Valentine’s Day (which I had originally planned on spending with my smokin’ hot girlfriend), but it was going to be a show exclusively for Beatles covers. Unlike many musicians my age, I did not grow up with any classic rock, especially not the music of the Beatles. To be perfectly frank, I don’t even enjoy listening to the Beatles. Coming from a generation with so much more genre development, it’s frankly hard for me to relate to liking the Beatles just because nobody else at the time sounded like them.

That being said, I have attached some vids of me playing (the first one is at the show itself). So sit back, relax, come together, and watch me play the music songs for you.


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