Davidson (a.k.a “Hey, Steve!”)

By Tyler M. Bryant


My good friend, Fountain Penn, is a staple of the music scene for the town of Davidson, which, for all intents and purposes, is Davidson College. I’ve been watching him play at Summit Coffee for years now. His songwriting is infectious, and he is one of the coolest dudes I know (relax ladies, he’s engaged now and off the market).

He told me a story a couple years ago about a party he had at his house when he was younger. A Center on the Davidson Basketball team was living with his family for some strange reason (foreign exchange, maybe), and at the time, Steph Curry was on the team. My buddy saw Steph in his living room, and overheard some folks talking about him and how he was a basketball hot-shot (that pun was absolutely intended). Realizing that his opportunity to forge a bond was short (while not realizing how his lack of sports background knowledge may make him come off), he proceeded to yell to the athlete,

“Hey, Steve! Steve! STEVE!”

Apparently, Mr. Curry did not respond warmly.

Despite this incident, I have found conversation with Mr. Penn to be particularly engaging. I went to a bar with him in Davidson for the first time last Christmas break – there, we discussed our mutual interest in ufology. For some insight, look into these fellows:

Bob Lazar

John Lear

Bob Dean

Clifford Stone

Steven Greer


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