This Love (Every Time I Walk Away)

By Tyler Bryant

My experience in my ENGL 490 songwriting class at UNC has been tremendously rewarding thus far not only in terms of learning how to collaborate with my peers to create the best music possible, but particularly in the context of networking with local college musicians. Our professor, Bland Simpson, has been teaching English at UNC for decades; our songwriting class, as far as I understand, is a somewhat recent conception. His band, The Red Clay Ramblers, has enjoyed numerous successes, including Tony awards!

On this song, I collaborated with my talented classmate, Carson McKee. Per our class-assigned roles, I took a predominantly compositionĀ role while he assumed the lyricist role. He had some nice riffage to contribute though (being one of the tighter guitarists in our class), so I decided to throw in a bunch of punky octaves (which you may or may not be able to hear in the chorus). Chords like these, which Professor Simpson noted sounded reminiscent of country-pop to him, are a staple in pop-punk music, which was my exclusive genre of choice for a while in high school. Bands like Fall Out Boy and A Day to Remember use these chords on the reg.

For some reference, here are the lyrics, as penned by Carson.




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