Sarah Chilton’s show at Fitzgerald’s

By Tyler M. Bryant

This past Wednesday, I had the pleasure of seeing many of my good friends perform at Fitzgerald’s. One friend in particular, Sarah Chilton, has been to the last few of my own shows. Furthermore, I have had the opportunity to see her play at other venues (specifically Zog’s) and during our ENGL 490 songwriting class. Not only is she incredibly adept and fluid on piano (both in terms of playing difficult/clever progressions as well as coming up with catchy theme riffs), but as a songwriter overall, she possesses an impressive prowess and ability for coming up with songs that have multiple movements, key changes, tempo changes, and other progressive dynamic approaches that render her work often as theatrical, but always as intensely thought-out and well-crafted.

One of the songs that she performed at Fitz was written with our classes’ very own Jack Denton. While I never had the pleasure of hearing him play guitar along with Sarah’s piano for this song during our class, his acoustic accompaniment at Fitzgerald’s was spot-on in terms of rhythm and overall fluidity (which was really cool to watch considering I have yet to see him play guitar much at all during our class). The lyrics he wrote are really intense – they reference the NCAA, chattel slavery, and paper classes (all too relevant for us as UNC students). Check out Jack’s lyrics here!

Also performing with Sarah on Wednesday was our mutual friend and classmate, Gloria Yoo. Earlier this year, Gloria wrote the lyrics and I wrote the music for a song we collaborated on called “Standard Hero.” Feel free to give it a listen below.

Her raps and harmonies are pretty fly, right? I’ve always been a huge fan of her harmonies. The song that I am attaching below is the same from the video at the beginning of my post. She wrote this song with Sarah for our class. I can honestly say that I’ve been singing this song to myself all day long. The pure catchiness is quite impressive, so definitely give this a listen. It reminds me of Good Old War.


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