Why I Call This Blog What I Call This Blog

By Tyler M. Bryant

Try Googling my name. In fact, I’ll save you a second or 120 (depending on the speed of your computing device) by simply asking you to click this link.

Turns out, the search results are dominated by a dude who shares my first name, my last name, and pretty much my main life’s interests and passions. I get the little added bonus nugget with the fact that he is super successful already, and I’m hanging out in this bush for my profile picture looking like some kind of lumberjack garden gnome. Funny how life works out sometimes.

At least we look pretty different.



Needless to say, when creating this blog, I would need to establish a more niche identity. Sure, both us Tyler Bryants play guitar, sing, write music, and pose majestically with our axes.

What is unique about the fella writing this post is not just his ability to intermittently write about himself in the third-person perspective, but also the depth of different genres he writes. Whereas the more famous Tyler mainly plays blues-driven rock, the other has experience writing/producing hip-hop, electronica, hXc/hardcore/screamo, and acoustic pop (his main staple).

The point here is that I consider myself more of a song builder than a guitarist. I love playing guitar and including it as a fundamental piece of my creative outlet, but I like to explore completely different musical visions every couple of years. Like Madonna, Domino’s, and the wheel, I like to reinvent myself. Hence the “song architect” part.

Now for the neurotic part. Most of my life, but particularly starting in high school, my anxieties shaped not only what I did or did not pursue in life, but they shaped my personality tremendously. On the one hand, it was handy that I was as constantly anxious about school and class as I was – since the dread I would feel having to come in to class unprepared in the slightest way kept me from maintaining any regular sleep pattern and caused me to eventually regularly get physically ill before school in the morning, I made sure to always be prepared. I did all of my homework ardently by the end of high school.

For most subjects, I figured that while I was spending time doing homework anyways, I may as well do high-quality work. So, I started getting creative in how to do my assignments. I would write songs for book reports, I would write skits for science presentations, and I came up with alternative layouts for written work. Usually, this paid off (except in Calculus… woops).

Anyways, my anxieties also have benefits related to my passions. When I listen to music, almost regardless of genre, I get excited about using whatever I am hearing as an influence in my future work. When people are talking to me in the car, I am often zoned in to the harmonies the singers are singing on the radio, or to the drum syncopations in the dubstep song that my friend plays from his iPhone.  I listen to music neurotically so that I can use it to influence my own work, like this song from my first year at UNC.


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